What We Do

Silver Lining Computing provides exceptional IT service to small and medium businesses and can relieve you of the responsibility and cost associated with hiring an IT staff. From our inception, we have provided a stress free approach for providing companies like yours the additional resources needed to complete your IT projects on time and in budget.

About Our Firm

Four former corporate IT professionals formed Silver Lining Computing in June 2010. Combined, these four executives have over 60 years of professional expertise associated with combined experience managing IT organizations. At Silver Lining Computing we have the knowledge, experience, and the desire to assist you with your IT service plans.


Our Services Include:

General IT Services

Silver Lining Computing has the knowledge, the experience, and the desire to assist with IT Project Management, Custom Development, Cloud Development, and other general IT services.


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IT Project Management

As part of the IT Project Management we Work with vendors to provide demos of available systems, write, track and produce a project plan and track user acceptance testing.


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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a growing field and has become critical in working environments. Most companies have the knowledge in place, it is a matter of whether it is being utilized efficiently.


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We look forward to speaking to you directly about the information technology needs of your company.